Dear customer,

We currently are still without Arduino’s and Aurel transceivers. Both are already 2 weeks in backorder at the suppliers. 

For the Arduino's we have been promised that they finally will be sent this Thursday from China by DHL Express, there was no more stock and the factory did not make any new products until the end of this week. This is all dus to the Chinese New-year, everything grinds to a hold then for almost a month.

The Aurel transceivers are also on backorder with Aurel in Italy, they can’t produce any transceivers because they also are waiting on SMD parts to arrive from China. The expected delivery date from Aurel is unfortunately the 23st of February. We have been able to arrange a small stock of 16 pieces from another supplier, so that we can send some backorder when the Arduino’s have arrived.

All this is very annoying for us and if you as a customer, unfortunately our hands are tied here. We do our best to deliver everything as fast as possible.

Once again apologies for the inconvenience!


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