RFLink / Arduino / Dipool / Behuizing
  • RFLink / Arduino / Dipool / Behuizing

RFLink 433 (Somfy RTS) Synology kit / Arduino CH340 / dipole / usb cable

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Kit with RFlink PCB, an Arduino Mega compatible with CH340 chip and 433Mhz dipole antenna. Can be used in conjunction with Domoticz.

Somfy RTS version.


For use with Synology NAS, works also with other systems.

This package consists of a gateway RFlink PCB (comes with 433 MHz Transceiver Aurel, connectors for an NRF 2.4GHz module and I2C ), an Arduino Mega Compatible with CH340 chip, 433Mhz dipole antenna and USB cable.

With this set you can quickly start using Domoticz.

For more information about example RFLink firmware you can look here: http://www.rflink.nl

This set is special for the use with RTS systems operating at 433,420 MHz (eg Somfy), transmitting signals for 433,920 MHz systems (e.g., Kaku) will generally work, but receiving signals at 433,920 MHz is very unreliable. Keep this in mind!

It's a kit, so you have to solder the RFLink yourself (or use the solderservice)


You can find the construction manual on our Downloads page.

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