RFLink 868/ Arduino / Antenne / usb kabel
  • RFLink 868/ Arduino / Antenne / usb kabel

RFLink 868 / Arduino / Antenne 868 / USB cable

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This kit contains components to build a 868.3 MHz RFLink Gateway. Includes Arduino Mega (compatible), antenna and USB cable. 


The package contains components for building an RFLink Gateway (pcb, Aurel 868.3 MHz Transceiver, various types of headers and SMA connector) and an Arduino Mega compatible, Antenna and USB cable. The gateway also has connectivity options for an NRF module and I2C.

With this kit you can quickly and easily use, for example, Domoticz.

The Arduino Mega compatible comes without firmware.

If you are going to connect this set directly to a Synology NAS, please let us know via email so that we can send an Arduino Mega compatible with CH340 chip.

For more information about e.g. RFLink firmware can be viewed here: http://www.nemcon.nl/blog2/

You have to solder the RFLink gateway yourself (or use the soldering service)

You can find the construction manual on our Downloads page.

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