TCR5000 Optische sensor
  • TCR5000 Optische sensor
  • TCR5000 Optische sensor

TCR5000 Optical sensor

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This sensor can detect difference between e.g. black and white, and is widely used to electronically read water- or electricity meters. Since the sensitivity is adjustable, the sensor can be calibrated very accurately. 

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This sensor can detect a difference between, for example, black and white, in the nodo project these are often used to, for example, use the turntable of a meter to keep track of consumption. Because the sensitivity is adjustable, it can be adjusted very precisely so that reflection does not have to be a problem.

There are 2 LEDs on it so that you can see exactly whether the sensor is on and whether there is detection.

Pin assignment:

1 VCC external 3.3V-5V

2 GND external GND

3 DO small digital output interface (0 and 1)

4 AO small analog output interface (0-5V)

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