Water / Vochtigheidssensor
  • Water / Vochtigheidssensor
  • Water / Vochtigheidssensor
  • Water / Vochtigheidssensor

Moisture sensor

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Water / humidity sensor, for use in soil


This allows you to quickly and easily measure the moisture content in the soil, for example in your plants. You can also use the sensor to measure whether the water reaches the sensor points, for example with a leak detector.

The set consists of 3 parts:

1. The sensor pins, which can be placed directly in the ground or mounted on something to detect water.

2. The main board, which is connected with 2 wires to the sensor pins, the other connections are: 3 to 5 volt power supply. And an analog and digital output.

3. Cable set.

The PCB uses an LM393 to compare the measured values ​​and to control the outputs. You determine the threshold value with the potentiometer.

The output is digital or analog, so easy to connect to any nodo board. For example, you can connect a pair to a Nodo mini to keep an eye on your plants in the windowsill. :)

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